GDGMansoura (Mansoura GTUG)

Welcome to Google Developer Group in Mansoura

Basic Info
Location: Mansoura, Egypt
Founded: Sep14, 2011

Create another active community of technology geeks in Mansoura, who are interested in sharing,
collaborating and innovating in technology fields. 
Google is the best active company in such fields & thus we're proud to be part of it's community user groups.
You Googlers, come on & join us too.

Are you interested in open technologies? May be you're in love with open standards & open source?
That's our common interest here where we join together under Google's umbrella to discuss, 
share, collaborate and innovate in tech fields. In fact that's Google's own soul!

 Get In Touch
Email: mansoura.gtug[at]gmail[dot]com
Google Group:
G + Page : Google+
Admin: eslam[at]gtugs[dot]org

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